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Landlord Services in Fort Smith, AR

Save your time, money, and energy by taking advantage of our comprehensive landlord services. Our experienced property management team works with residential and commercial property investors to maximize profits and minimize stress. Rely on our diverse range of landlord services to take the hassle out of leasing while preserving your investment.

From property advertisements and tenant screening services to rent collection and property maintenance, we take care of everything for you. When necessary, our team even handles evictions within full compliance of the law. However, we strive to attract and retain the most responsible and reliable residents possible for your property.

Landlord Services in Fort Smith, AR

Full-Service Marketing and Tenant Screening

Boost your profits with tenants who always pay on time and treat your property with respect. As part of our comprehensive services, we market your property through effective channels to attract potential tenants. Our team handles all calls, internet leads, and viewings so you do not have to take time out of your day.

After tenants have submitted their applications, we screen them thoroughly. Our team performs a background check, credit check, and an analysis of the renter's history and current employment to determine tenant eligibility. Since a long vacancy, eviction, or non-compliance problems can cost you big, we guarantee our services. If we cannot find and place a qualified tenant in your rental property in 30 days or less, you pay nothing for the services rendered. A guarantee program is also available to ensure the tenants we bring in stay for their full lease.

From Rent Collection to Maintenance--We Have the Right Solutions

Is renting out properties your primary source of income? For many people, it’s simply a way to pay off their mortgages or make some extra side cash. Even if it is your main source of income, you may feel like you’re missing out on the best tenants. Whatever your situation, our team has you covered. We offer all of the following services to handle every aspect of your rental property:

Marketing and Advertising to Potential Tenants: With our marketing and advertising expertise, you can attract only the tenants who are truly excited about moving into your property. Too often, landlords don’t include enough information in their listings and end up wasting time showing their houses or apartments to people who have no real intention of moving in. But we keep that occurrence to a minimum. Not only do we include rent pricing and amenity information, but we also include videos and pictures. Then we post them to several high-traffic websites so they can easily be found by the right tenant.

Thorough Tenant Screening: Once you have a list of potential tenants who are genuinely interested in your property, you have to decide if you are interested in them living there. Our meticulous screening process makes that decision easier. With comprehensive background, criminal, and credit checks, we can give you a better idea of who the applicants are, as well as more peace of mind about which applicant you accept.

Quick and Easy Rent Collection: We understand that your rental income depends on getting paid the full rental amount on time, so we make it easy for that to happen. Our rent payment system encourages timely payment and enforces late fees if that doesn’t happen.

Move-In and Move-Out Property Inspections: When you perform an inspection after someone moves out, there may be things you don’t notice--things that future tenants might find unpleasant. But with our property inspection services, you can have more peace of mind knowing that any damage done by previous tenants is accounted for and fixed before the next person moves in.

Tenant Eviction: We don’t ever want to place an unreliable tenant on your property, and our screening process ensures the possibility of doing so is minimized. However, unforeseen events happen occasionally that make the person unable to pay rent in time. In these situations, eviction might be necessary. Our professionals understand the eviction laws and can competently handle the process for you.

Property Maintenance and Emergency Support: One of the most time-consuming and energy-draining aspects of being a landlord is maintenance. With our services at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about these day-to-day frustrations. We provide 24/7 support to you and your tenants to ensure your property is always in top-notch condition.

Resident satisfaction is a major factor to your success as a property investor. By fostering a positive, respectful relationship with each of your tenants, we increase the likelihood that payment will be made on time and the property will be well-cared for.

As part of our landlord services, we handle all rent collection and maintenance requests. A number of different payment options are available to tenants to make paying easier for them. We accept and take care of maintenance requests around-the-clock, so your tenants never have to wait long for the services they need. It is our mission to satisfy both you and the residents under your roof.

Contact our firm for more information on our residential and commercial landlord services and guarantee programs. We proudly serve Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Barling, and Greenwood, AR.